6WR Waringarri Radio is the only locally-based radio station in the North-East Kimberley – proudly Aboriginal owned, serving the whole community.

The station was formed in the late 1980’s and is part of the Waringarri Media Aboriginal Corporation, a successful locally owned, not-for-profit organisation.

Based in Kununurra, our broadcasts extend to a radius of 300 kilometres on the 693AM band frequency. We broadcast to the major towns and remote grazing and outback communities across the East Kimberley region, which encompass the West Australian and Northern Territory borders. This includes, Argyle, Warmun, Wyndham, Kalumburu and Timber Creek, and all places in between.

Waringarri Media also broadcasts on 102.1FM in Wyndham and has applied for an FM license with the same frequency for Kununurra. This will offer music lovers better sound quality (stay tuned for more information)

We also manage Tourist Radio 87.6FM which reaches a 30km radius surrounding Kununurra, providing visitors to the area with information on safety, tourist attractions, local business, and great local music.

Beyond radio, we have ventured into the multimedia space with this new website and social media platforms offering live audio and video streaming, along with radio programs and videos on demand.

As an Aboriginal-owned corporation, a key focus for us is to foster, promote and protect local Aboriginal culture and language. Through our programs, we seek to build trust in our community – among Aboriginal people and the wider East Kimberley community. We do this by providing up to date local information, news and views, and showcasing local voices and perspectives.

We also seek to support Aboriginal wellbeing outcomes by offering training and employment to Aboriginal artists and broadcasters, and by partnering with Aboriginal health organisations and services.

As a corporation, we rely on government funding and sponsorships to operate. To continue to be relevant and innovate, we are always seeking new sources of philanthropic and other funding. This will enable us to grow and thrive, and better fulfil our vision and mission to serve our wonderfully diverse community.

Our Vision

To bring communities of people together and build greater understanding, mutual respect, and trust.

Our Mission

To enhance the lives of local people and the communities we serve by providing entertaining, educational, and informative all-round media productions.


Photos of our Team