Waringarri Media is made up of a dedicated team of broadcasters, film-makers, storytellers, elders, consultants, admin and management staff. We work in a multicultural environment and aim to be the voice of local Indigenous peoples, informing the wider community about Aboriginal and community issues from Indigenous perspectives. At the same time we aim to serve the whole East Kimberley community by providing a space for all voices and bringing our community together.

  • Fernando de Freitas – General Manager
  • Kevin Hoang – Operations Manager
  • Nathalia Imberlong – Broadcaster
  • Donny Imberlong – Broadcaster
  • Scotty Day – Broadcaster
  • Bryan Gallagher – Broadcaster
  • Che Kelly – Broadcaster
  • Natasha Short – Guest Broadcaster
  • Kas Accountants – handle accounts and some admin
2023 Presenters, Bryan Gallagher (BG), Donny Imberlong, Natasha Short, Scotty Day, Nathalia Imberlong & Che Kelly.

Board Members

  • Tanya Hill – Chair of the Board of Directors
  • David Cox – Co-Chair of the Board of Directors
  • Deon Cox – Director
  • Peter-Griffiths Sebastian – Director
  • Tevita Naroba – Independent Director
  • Special Language, Culture, and History Consultant – Elder David ‘Joolama’ Newry.