Natasha Short’s new series is here! MONEY TALKS features interviews and advice on all things money. How to manage it, protect it, and grow it.

Hear conversations with financial counsellors, providers, and educators, to help mob become better at managing money – proudly sponsored by Wunan Foundation.

In the first two episodes we hear from Destiny Dewis, Project Manager of the On Country Program with First Nations Foundation – A Financial Wellbeing Hub for Professionals working with First Nations Peoples.

Join Natasha for Money Talks between 11am-12pm Mondays on Waringarri Radio.

Also heard on Radio Goolarri, Ngaarda Media, 6dby Larrkardi Radio, PAKAM – Pilbara and Kimberley Aboriginal Media, and NIRS – National Indigenous Radio Service.

All epsiodes can be heard on SPOTIFY: