Next Gen of Media Stars & Storytellers!

Waringarri Media has partnered with East Kimberley College (EKC), to train and mentor the next generation of radio and media superstars! We are very proud of their efforts to learn the craft of media broadcasting. 

We realise that the communication and media landscape has changed greatly with the online world. This is why we’ve built a new website and ventured into multimedia productions, such as videos and short films and live streaming.

We are providing local information, news, and events, and producing great radio programs – but we understand that this needs to disseminated across various platforms where people are.

This means on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and live streaming on our new website directly to peoples’ phones and other devices.

You can be sure that we will be present where-ever you are, and only a click away.

Our youngest generations are best placed to keep us relevant and connected locally, and by training and mentoring them, we will be handing over the baton to them to continue the outstanding Waringarri Media tradition.

We have been working closely with the East Kimberley College Media Class in 2023 – Stay tuned for smore great yarns and short films to come from our young locals!

A special thanks to the EKC Media Class of 2023 – see their photo below, including digital artwork versions from MO, and their videos with us.